Lemax Spooky Town Scratch & Dent Jumbo Mystery Boxes

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Lemax Spooky Town Scratch & Dent Jumbo Mystery Box Terms Below

*Limit 1 Mystery Box Per Household!*

For the collector that likes to fix pieces, tinker with internal components, have duplicate "parts pieces" around (you never know when you'll need to Frankenstein one Spooky Town piece with another, right?) or just likes a super-deal, Eerie Emporium's Spooky Town scratch & dent jumbo mystery boxes are for you!

At Eerie Emporium we inspect almost all of the Spooky Town items that pass through our doors. When something is found to be damaged, defective, missing components or just doesn't meet our standards during inspection/testing, we pull it from our shelves. Couple this with our company policy of never reselling (as new) any previously returned items (regardless of condition), and we're left with an ever-growing pile of scratch and dent pieces that we affectionately refer to as "Monster Mountain"!

The great news for collectors like you is that the time has come for Monster Mountain to be demolished! Our team has decided that the best way to do this is to sell Jumbo (seriously, we mean JUMBO) Mystery Boxes packed to the brim with numerous less than perfect Spooky Town items... these items may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

-Any previously returned Lemax Spooky Town item

-Spooky Town items removed during inspection due to damage/breakage

-Spooky Town items removed during inspection due to defects including but not limited to any issues (including complete failure) with animation, sound and/or lighting

-Spooky Town items missing pieces/parts/components/etc.

-Spooky Town items that arrived directly from the manufacturer with significant shelf wear to either the piece or the packaging. This includes but is not limited to overly dirty styrofoam/outer colored boxes, severely damaged packaging, torn or removed felt bottoms, paint chipping, badly blemished pieces, etc. 

Jumbo boxes are guaranteed to include exclusively Lemax Spooky Town pieces and may (or may not) include items from any of the following product categories: Sights & Sounds, Lighted buildings, table accents, figurines, trees and lighted accessories. The possibilities for these scratch and dent items are endless! Will you be the collector that gives these Spooky Towns a second chance?

*Final Note: All Lemax Spooky Town scratch & dent mystery boxes are final sale, meaning no returns will be accepted for these items. As outlined above, these pieces are less than perfect and may be damaged, defective, broken, missing components and/or have significant shelf wear. Please also note that no adapters/battery packs/light cords will be included with these pieces.*