Sell Your Vintage Halloween Collection

Did you inherit a vintage Halloween collection that you don’t know what to do with? Has your pumpkin patch full of collectible plastic, paper & ceramic jack o’ lanterns outgrown your guest bedroom/home office and spread into your living room, kitchen, and bathroom? Have your (totally unreasonable) adult children or spooky spouse threatened to disown or divorce you if you don’t get rid of some of your creepy collection? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Eerie Emporium purchases dozens of vintage and antique Halloween collections every year! The collections range from a handful of pieces up to hundreds of items, so no collection is too big or too small! We’re interested in acquiring any of the following Halloween items:

-Pulp & Paper Mache Items (Examples HERE)

-Die Cuts (Examples HERE)

-Blow Molds, Candy Containers & Other Collectible Plastic Halloween Items (Examples HERE)

-Noisemakers (Examples HERE)

-Clothes & Costumes (Examples HERE)

-Party Decorations/General Halloween Items (Examples HERE)

-Anything Related to Halloween Produced from 1900-1999!

How it works

We make the the process as painless as possible. Simply email us at to get the process started. Once we hear from you, we’ll a) request a few photos and/or general list of what you have b) make a strong/fair offer based on your entire collection c) arrange for local pickup or shipping and d) most importantly, pay you in your preferred payment method!

Contact us today… we promise we don’t bite!

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