Vintage Halloween Blow Molds, Candy Containers & Other Plastics

Welcome to our Vintage Halloween Blow Molds, Candy Containers & Other Plastics Shop! One of our favorite Halloween collector's segments, here you will find a wide array of plastic items from the late 1940s-1990s. These plastic collectibles include distinct character toys like those produced by E. Rosen/Rosbro Plastics/Tico Toys, battery operated lanterns and lights like those created by Union Products/Don Featherstone, exceptional candy containers like those manufactured by Kokomold, quirky oddities like those made by Fun World Inc. and trick or treat buckets/lighted goods by numerous manufacturers/artists including A.J. Renzi, Bayshore Industries, Blinky Products, Empire, General Plastics, Grand Venture, Sun Hill Industries/Mike Mozart & General Foam Plastics to name a few. 

*Like one of our favorite mythical beasts, Big Foot, these items are ancient and therefore may not be in perfect condition… Pictures in this section are of the item/s you'd be purchasing any blemishes/issues are listed in the description section of each individual product page.*