Lemax Spooky Town Witches' Community Garden #43704

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Nestled in the outskirts of the Spooky Forest, you’ll find the Witch’s Community Garden where sinister witches from all over Spooky Town cultivate their secrets and harvest secret ingredients for dark spells and enchantments. Don’t enter without protection, for you may unearth some otherworldly and ghostly wonders. Will you dare to join their eerie horticultural endeavors?
  • Approx. size (H x W x D)
    3.39 x 4.25 x 3.62 inches
    8.6 x 10.8 x 9.2 cm
  • Year Released: 2024
  • Made of: Resin
  • Product type: Table Pieces
  • Electrical: Non-Electrical
  • Village: Spooky Town