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1920s German Embossed Arched-Back Black Cat Die Cut

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Vintage Halloween 1920s German Heavily Embossed Arched-Back Black Cat Die Cut

Beautiful German black cat die cut from the 1920s for sale. This die cut is heavily embossed. Vintage used condition with some wear and tear including fading around the edges, blemishes, marks (looks like some reddish paint towards the top), and tape on the torn area of the tail, but overall this piece still displays really well! Wicked black cat die cut that would make an excellent addition to any vintage Halloween collection!

Dimensions: 7.75" Width, 9" Height

*Appears on page 173 of Mark Ledenbach's 3rd Edition of Vintage Halloween Collectibles, the only slight difference is the eyes, but dimensions and overall design are the same. This would've been produced at the same time.*

Final Issue/Condition Note: Vintage item in used condition with wear/tear, please review all pictures prior to purchase to make sure you are okay with condition. EE5