Vintage Halloween Large Paper Mache JOLs, Set of 2

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Vintage Halloween Large Paper Mache Jack O' Lanterns, Set of 2 ~ 1940s/1950s

This pair of Paper mache pumpkins were some of the largest ever produced, measuring ~7" tall and ~8.5" across. They are in rough condition with lots of pulp wear including rips, tears, scuffs, blemishes, etc., but they still display nicely! This pair has been in our personal collection for years and we have affectionately referred to them as "The Big Uglies." They are an excellent set of two for a collector looking to try their hand at repairing/restoring for the first time or for the enthusiast that likes a deal for less-than-pristine pieces! Missing original handle/face inserts. 

Final Issue/Condition Note: Vintage used items with significant wear/tear, please review all pictures prior to purchase to make sure you are okay with condition. SF1